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Converting plastic waste into fuel description in details

Converting plastic waste into fuel product introduction

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Converting plastic waste into fuel
Converting plastic waste into fuel product photo

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 plastic pyrolysis plant

DoingGroup's plastic pyrolysis plant

Plastics play an important role in everyday life, as in some applications they are a conventional material with obvious advantages. Their light weight, durability, energy efficiency, plus faster productivity and more design flexibility allows for breakthroughs in different fields from unconventional energy, horticulture and irrigation, water purification systems and even space flight. Plastics are relatively cheap, and are easy to use and disposable culture. Plastic waste management has become a non-degradable property of a world problem because of them. Most landfills, assigned to plastic waste disposal, are approaching their full capabilities. Therefore, recycling is becoming more and more necessary. The DoingGroup's waste plastic pyrolysis plant is a device that converts waste plastic into fuel. It is a chemical process that breaks macromolecular plastics into smaller molecules of petroleum, natural gas and carbon black.


The main workflow of DoingGroup's pyrolysis plant for converting waste plastics into fuels:

plastic pyrolysis plant working process

Plastic pyrolysis plant working process

1. Collect a large amount of waste plastics for backup. This process can be contacted and cooperated with local waste recycling plants.

2. The waste plastic is fed into the reactor via an automatic pusher and the reactor is heated. The temperature rises to some extent and begins to crack heavy oil and gas.

3. Under the effect of high and low pressure in the equipment, heavy oil and gas enters the condensing system. After being cooled, it is liquefied into heavy oil and falls into the tank.

4. The deodorizing and deodorizing operation of the obtained heavy oil is the final fuel.

5. The carbon black produced during the combustion process will be automatically discharged outside the furnace through the underground sealed slag discharge channel, which can ensure that the carbon black will not fly and cause air pollution again.

Running this equipment that converts plastic waste into fuel can get 45-80% fuel, 20-50% carbon black, 5% combustible gas or no exhaust gas!!!

fuel oil usage

Fuel oil usage

(1) Waste plastic oil can be widely used in iron and steel, boiler plants, ceramics, electric power or chemical industries or hotel, hotel and other industries fuel oil, or for generating electricity generating units.


carbon black usage

Carbon black usage

(2) Carbon black can be used for clay building bricks or as a fuel.


(3) Some combustible gases can be recycled to heat the reactor with fuel, which will save energy for the entire process.


Of course, the above is just an approximate figure, the pyrolysis rate of different types of waste plastics:

Raw Materials    
Oil yield
Waste plastic PE 85%-95%
PP 80%-90%
PS 80%-90%
ABS 40%
Pure white plastic 60%-70%
Fishing net, safety net 45%-50%
Plastic brand 20%
Pulp 20%-30%
Daily Garbage 30%-50%
Pure plastic cable 60%-80%     
Pure purchase package        

The reason why our equipment dared to use data to speak because he did have some outstanding advantages to ensure such a high rate of oil!

plastic pyrolysis plant

DoingGroup's pyrolysis plant

1. Using Q245R standard boiler plate steel, plate thickness up to 16mm, this plate can withstand high temperature, and because the head adopts curved design, strong pressure resistance, thus ensuring a longer service life.

2. The most advanced and most effective condenser in the oil industry. It can ensure that the oil and gas are cooled sufficiently to ensure the highest oil yield.

3. In addition to the oil-water separator, the series safety devices include water seals and vacuum devices. The function of the oil-water separator is to purify the oil and gas to prevent the backflow of oil and gas. The role of the water seal is to purify the exhaust gas and prevent the reverse flow of the exhaust gas. The role of the vacuum device is to provide negative pressure and drain oil and gas. In addition, the vacuum device can also increase the oil yield to ensure that the oil and gas are fully liquefied.

4. The unique welding process adopts a unique 3-step welding process to demonstrate DoingGroup's unremitting pursuit of perfect quality from the details.


In addition ,we offer the technology guidance at the installation spot, our engineer will not only help you to installation the equipment ,but also will test it!!Any question of the plastic pyrolysis plant,feel free to contact us!!

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