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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2014/12/17

As many people have heard tyre pyrolysis plant,and when we pyrolysis waste tyres, we can use coal,wood,gas,oil etc to heating reactor. But,in some country there has a lack of coal or wood with a high price.Here I will tell you how to save energy when we pyrolysis waste tyres according to my experience:

First method:As we know,one of final product from waste tyres after pyrolysis is carbon black, a few people don't know how to deal with these carbon black. Carbon black has a high heating value,so, we can pellet it to heating pyrolysis machine to save our energy,to save cost.

Second method:Use tail gas to heating pyrolysis reactor. After 2-3 hour working of pyrolysis plant, there will be generated some tail gas, these tail gas can be recycled to furnace to heating pyrolysis machine to save energy.


Use tail gas to heating pyrolysis machine

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