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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2014/12/17

Is pyrolysis plant have pollution to environment? Mostly of customer will be concern about this questions,when they buy this pyrolysis plant.We have three important device to control this issues to avoid pollution.

1. Dedusting system: dedusting system has a more complicated and scientific design than others in order to remove the dust and sulfur. Add CaO into the circulating water and use high-pressure hydraulic pump to press this water into high pressure nozzle(also can be called Spray Scrubber)which can first atomize the water,then reactor with So2,while at the same time,absorb the dust in the smoke.After the process of dust removal system,the color of the smoke is white,which means our machine can reach the international purification standard and will not cause pollution on environment.The water mixed with Cao is circulating,so,no need to drain but just add it with its evaporating.

2. Tail gas recycling system: we using tail gas recycling system. The uncondensable gas will be recycled to heat reactor again.Environmental friendly and save energy.

3. Odor system: TherisH2S in the tail gas,which is poisonous with bad smell.We adopt the newly invented catalyst.It can effectively remove H2S from tail gas and guarantee no pollution from tail gas burning.


Control pollution system

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