Tyre pyrolysis plant

How to start waste tire pyrolysis plant project?

For customers who want to purchase waste tire pyrolysis plant, they will be more concerned about how to start waste tire pyrolysis plant project. Here...

Plastic pyrolysis plant

How much fuel oil can be extracted from 1T of waste plastics?

When customers buy waste plastic pyrolysis plant, they will ask: What is the oil yield of waste plastic pyrolysis plant? How much pyrolysis oil can be...

Tyre pyrolysis plant

How to choose waste tire pyrolysis plant?

For customers who want to start waste tire pyrolysis business, they will firstly consider that how to choose the waste tire pyrolysis plant. Professio...

Machine accessories

tyre packing machine

For some waste tyres recyclers, tyre packing machine is very important. The tyre packing machine is designed for packing tyres, waste tyre packing mac...

Tyre pyrolysis plant

Continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

Waste tire pyrolysis plant is a specialized equipment used to convert waste tires into fuel oil. It employs pyrolysis technology, which is a chemical ...

Waste recycling machine

Crude oil sludge treatment plant

Oil sludge belongs to the by-product of drilling and refining oil, and they are also primarily a mixture of oil and water. But the most important thin...

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