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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2014/11/5

 Tyres can be divided into several kinds such as Steel wire tyre,Nylon tyre,Bicycle tyre,We xinxiang doing renewable energy equipment co.,ltd converts waste tyre to fuel oil,then oil yield rate differs much according to different tyres,here is the list of the different kinds waste tyres oil yield rate:

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Steel wire tyre


Nylon tyre


Bicycle tyre


The final products of waste tyre pyrolysis plant are fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire, Average the final products are as follow:

45%-50% pyrolysis oil

10%-15% hydrocarbon gas

30%-35% carbon black the fuel oil extracted from the waste tyre can be refined into diesel further. The fuel oil can be used in glass factory. It is a good fuel for heating.

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