Pyrolysis plant advantages

Company news / DATE:2014/12/17

Pyrolysis plant advantages:

1. Steadily processing, exclusive design in auto-feeder and output pipe to avoid breakdown of the pyrolysis reactor.      

2. Safe, we have anti-blocking device, pressure gauge, safety valves, negative pressure device, to make sure the producing process safe whether there are people watching the site or not. 
3. Environment-friendly, we possess stages of water-cooling system, dust-removing and vacuum discharge device, to realize environmental protection including cleansing dust and smoke, and declining noise.
4. Energy--saving, tail gas will be reused during refining period, thus, saving fuel.
5. Long life expectancy, thick and high quality steel is used for reactor.

6. Nice warranty, we provide lifetime service.

tyre pyrolysis

Pyrolysis plant

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