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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2014/11/5

pyrolysis plant

The pyrolysis plant is a machine converts mainly wasate plastic/tyre to fuel oil. The raw material is waste plastic or waste tyre. The raw material will be heated in a reactor. The principle of the pyrolysis plant is as below: when the raw material waste tyre/plastic heated in the reactor then raw material will generate some oil gas. When the oil gas goes into the condenser, the oil gas will be condensed into liquid oil. During the process the pyrolysis plant is very energy. The oil gas which cannot be condensed will be recycled to the burner to heat the reactor. So just little energy is required to run the pyrolysis plant. The final product of the pyrolysis plant is mainly fuel oil (can be further refined into diesel), carbon black, and signal gas. (Steel wire for waste tyre).The prolysis plant is a renewable and environmental equipment deals with the waste.

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