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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2014/11/5

The pyrolysis plant is a machine converts mainly wasate plastic/tyre to fuel oil. The raw material is waste plastic or waste tyre. The raw material will be heated in a reactor. The principle of the pyrolysis plant is as below: when the raw material waste tyre/plastic heated in the reactor then raw material will generate some oil gas. When the oil gas goes into the condenser, the oil gas will be condensed into liquid oil. During the process the pyrolysis plant is very energy. The oil gas which cannot be condensed will be recycled to the burner to heat the reactor. So just little energy is required to run the pyrolysis plant. The final product of the pyrolysis plant is mainly fuel oil (can be further refined into diesel), carbon black, and signal gas. (Steel wire for waste tyre).The prolysis plant is a renewable and environmental equipment deals with the waste.

轮胎塑料裂解设备.jpgWaste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant

Next, let's take the waste plastic pyrolysis plant as an example to see how the pyrolysis plant works.

1. Use the feeding machine to send the waste plastic into the pyrolysis reactor, and then heat the pyrolysis reactor with fuel;

2. When the temperature of the pyrolysis reactor reaches a certain temperature, oil gas will be produced, and the oil gas will be cooled down into pyrolysis oil through the cooling system.

Uncondensable but combustable gas can be recycled by industrial pressure vessel to heat pyrolysis reactor;

3. After the pyrolysis reaction is over, wait for the temperature of the pyrolysis reactor to drop below 40 degrees, and then open the carbon black discharge port of the pyrolysis reactor to discharge carbon black.

4. Collect the carbon black with the carbon black discharge device.

连续流程图 塑料.jpgWorkflow of continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant

The application of fuel oil and carbon black.

1.Fuel oil.

Fuel oil is a good heating fuel,which can be used in many industries, such as steel factory, boiler heating, heavy oil generator, cement factory, etc. Besides, fuel oil can be refined by waste oil distillation machine into diesel, which can be used in diesel generator, heavy machinery or diesel fuel for heating. The current market price of waste tire pyrolysis oil is about US$500 per ton, and the price is still rising. Therefore, waste tire pyrolysis oil can bring huge profits to customers.

pyrolysis oil application.jpgFuel oil application

2.Carbon black.

Carbon black can be made into pellets for burning and heating, just like coal, or refined into different standards, used as additives for paints, pigments, rubber products, etc. Many of our customers have obtained huge profits from carbon black, which has solved the problem of carbon black shortage in the market to a certain extent.

炭黑用途.jpgCarbon black application

Doing Group provides two types of waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant: batch waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant and continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant. The daily capacity is between 8T and 60T. If you want to know to know more information about waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant, welcome to consult us.

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