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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2023/4/6

DOING Company supplies two types of pyrolysis machine for sale, one is the batch type pyrolysis machine, and the other is continuous type pyrolysis machine.

No matter continuous type or batch type of pyrolysis machines, they have the same application, which can be used to extract fuel oil from waste tyre, plastic, oil sludge, etc. But they have different working processes and have different requirements for waste raw materials feeding.

1. Batch type pyrolysis plant

Common models: free installation skid-mounted pyrolysis machine, frame type pyrolysis machine, common batch pyrolysis machine

Processincapacity: 100kg, 500kg, 1tpd, 2tpd, 5tpd, 10tpd, 12tpd, 15tpd, 20tpd, etc.

batch pyrolysis machineBatch type tire plastic to oil pyrolysis machine

For batch waste pyrolysis machine, the process is feeding, then heating for start up, then oil production, then reactor cooling down, then carbon black slagging, and finally taking out steel wire from the reactor(only waste tyre pyrolysis), each process has to start after the former process finished. The batch waste pyrolysis machine should have a stop to finish the work in one batch operation.

For batch waste pyrolysis plant, whole tyre can be fed into reactor without any cutting, waste plastics can be fed directly without doing cleaning and selection work. Batch waste pyrolysis plant is not picky on the form of raw material.

2. Continuous type pyrolysis machine

Common models: fully continuous/automatic pyrolysis machine

Processing capacity: 15tpd, 20tpd, 30tpd, 50tpd, etc.

full continuous type pyrolysis machineContinuous type pyrolysis machine installed by DOING Company

Just as its name implies, continuous can work continuously, such as feeding continuously, oil producing continuously and carbon black slagging continuously. There is no need to stop for reactor cooling down and carbon black slagging. It can be continuous working without stopping for one month.

For continuous type pyrolysis machine, the tyre, rubber and plastic should be as clean as possible, raw material should be shredded, and tyre should be crushed into 5mm rubber powder and all steel wire removed in order to make sure the smooth feeding and discharging and keep the plant running continuously.

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