Market prospect analysis about tyre to oil pyrolysis plant

Tyre to oil video | DATE:2014/10/8


Tyre to oil pyrolysis plant is a machine converts the waste tyre to fuel oil; the pyrolysis plant has economic value and environmental value.

End product:

1.       fuel oil

2.       carbon black

3.       oil gas

4.       steel wire

The waste tires are seen as rubbish they pollute the environment, occupied our land, they also may breed virus-carrying mosquitoes. We may have to spend money dealing with waste tyre. The tyre pyrolysis plant can deal with waste tyre. The pyrolysis plant will convert the waste tyre to oil for fuel. Thus we not only deal with waste plastic but also we will generate pyrolysis oil. The pyrolysis oil is a good fuel which can be sold directly; the carbon black is also a good energy which can be further processed into other materials.The steel wire can be processed into other steel products.

Tyre to oil pyrolysis plant can not only deal with waste tyre but also we can generate pyrolysis oil as energy.

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