Myanmar customers ordered 3 sets of 15TPD pyrolysis reactors for fuel oil production

Company news / DATE:2024/6/19

On June 17, 2024, China Doing Group officially got the order of 3 sets of 15TPD pyrolysis reactors from Myanmar customers, providing strong support for them in producing alternative heating fuel and saving operating costs.

pyrolysis reactor manufacturer

Pyrolysis reactor manufacturer and supplier

This Myanmar customer has been engaged in mining and lime plant processing industries for a long time, and needs to consume a lot of fuel in daily operations. In order to reduce fuel costs, he found through market research that using pyrolysis plants to produce alternative fuels is a feasible and economical solution. After comparing the strength and project installation experience of many companies, he finally chose Henan Doing Company with professional technology and rich installation experience.

Why chose China Doing Group as the pyrolysis reactor manufacturer and supplier?

  1. Professional technology: China Doing Group has advanced pyrolysis technology and different types of tire pyrolysis reactor for sale, including batch type, semi-continuous type and fully continuous type pyrolysis reactors, which can efficiently process waste  tires and convert them into high calorific value fuel oil, effectively reducing customers' fuel costs.

    batch semi-continuous pyrolysis reactor

    Batch semi-continuous pyrolysis reactor for sale

  2. Rich experience: Over the years, DOING Group has accumulated rich experience in the design, manufacture and installation of cracking equipment, and has won wide recognition and trust from domestic and foreign customers.

  3. Efficient service: We not only provide high-quality equipment, but also provide comprehensive pre-sales, sales and after-sales services to ensure that every customer can smoothly start production and obtain the best economic benefits.

    waste tire pyrolysis reactor for sale

    DOING waste tire pyrolysis reactor manufacturer advantages

China Doing Group will continue to continuously innovate and improve the technical level, and provide more customers with efficient and energy-saving waste to fuel oil pyrolysis reactor solutions. We look forward to cooperating with more domestic and foreign customers to jointly promote resource recycling and sustainable development.

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