What is the time span of setting up the waste oil refinery plant?

Industry news / DATE:2024/5/31

Extracting synthetic diesel fuel from waste oils is very popular due to its good economic performance and profitability. To set up a waste oil refinery plant smoothly, we need to do sufficient preparatory work. Generally speaking, it will take 6 months to 1 year or more to set a normal scale waste oil refinery plant.

waste oil to diesel refinery plant

Waste oil to diesel refinery plant project

So in this article let’s see what kind of preparation work should be done to set up the waste oil refinery plant, and how to prepare well for the smooth installation and operation.

Firstly, get the sources of waste oil in the local market. The waste oil can be either used motor oil, old lube oil, black engine oil, crude oil, heavy mazut oil, or pyrolysis oil obtained from tyre, rubber, plastics and oil sludge. Before able to start a waste oil refinery project, it is better to find the sources of waste oils, and ensure reliable and continuous raw material supply, because sufficient raw material is the irreplaceable condition to keep the running of the waste oil refinery plant.

waste oil refinery plant raw materials

Used oil and pyrolysis oil raw materials for waste oil refinery plant

Secondly, get a permit from the local government, showing the government what kind of project it is and how this project can contribute to the local. And meanwhile get EIA approval from the local environmental department, usually customers will hire professional EIA consultant companies to issue the EIA report for them. You need to tell them the location of the project, because the emission standard may be different for the area with different industrial purposes.

Finally, get a piece of land with a suitable size and location for setting up the waste oil refinery plant. The floor area of one set DOING 10ton capacity waste oil refinery plant is about 400㎡. Besides, you need to prepare more space for waste oil and final products. We can provide the factory layout drawing according to customers' landscape.

waste oil refinery plant projects

Waste oil refinery plant project cases installed by Henan Doing Company

The above preparation work will take anywhere from 3 months to 6 months. Besides that, you can carry out the preparation work at the same time. Because the fabrication, shipping and installation of waste oil refinery machines will take about 3-6months' time depending on the scale of the waste oil refinery plant project.

Let Henan Doing Company, a professional manufacturer to help you set up the waste oil refinery plant successfully. You can come to visit our factory to do more project research, and confirm the model and configuration of the waste oil refinery plant.

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