Why is pyrolysis machine the best way to recycle used tires?

Industry news / DATE:2024/5/24

Millions of tons of waste tires are generated every year but present significant challenges in handling due to their large amount and potential environmental hazards. The pyrolysis machine is currently an efficient and environmentally friendly method for recycling end-life used tires. It can not only maximize the resource recovery rate and bring good profits, but also reduce environmental risks.

used tire recycling pyrolysis machine

Used tire recycling pyrolysis machine

Here’s a comprehensive look at why pyrolysis machine is the best way for recycling used tires.

1. Resource Recovery

Used tires are a treasure trove of valuable materials including fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and syn-gas, etc. Traditional disposal methods like landfills or incineration result in the loss of these resources and contribute to pollution. However, pyrolysis machine uses the thermal cracking technology to recycle these valuable materials. This is beneficial to reduce the need for crude oil mining and alleviate the situation of energy tension.

2.Economic benefits

The final products we can obtain from used tire recycling pyrolysis machine are pyrolysis fuel oil(TDF tire derived fuel), carbon black, steel wire and syn-gas, etc. Each of these tire recycling products has wide applications and a great sales market.

used tire pyrolysis oil and carbon black

Used tire pyrolysis oil and carbon black applications

For tire pyrolysis fuel oil, most customers will choose to sell or use it as an alternative to heating fuel directly. Many industries need it, such as steel factories, cement factories, glass factories, brick making plants, heavy oil power plants, etc. And some customers choose to further refine it through waste oil refinery plant to obtain non-standard diesel, which can be used in trucks, tractors, ships, boats, diesel generators, etc.

For carbon black, it can be directly used as building bricks and as raw material for mixed soil. But if you want to sell it at a higher price, you can further process the carbon black. One is to press the carbon black into balls and burn it, but to grind the carbon black into finer carbon black. As for the steel wire, most customers will sell it directly.

Here is a profit analysis of used tire recycling pyrolysis machine we have done before for reference.

used tire pyrolysis machine profits

Used tire pyrolysis machine profits

3.Environmental Protection

DOING used tires recycling pyrolysis machine adopts circulation cooling water, so there is no need for additional costs to treat wastewater. For the air emission, our used tire recycling pyrolysis machine is equipped with exhaust gas purification system, which can meet different countries' standards, even strict EU standard.

4. Efficiency and Automation

The entire used tire recycling to fuel oil pyrolysis process includes feeding, heating, pyrolysis, oil gas cooling, exhaust gas purification system, final product discharging, etc. During the used tire recycling process, the used tire recovery rate can reach 99.9%. And the used tire recycling pyrolysis machine can be equipped with the PLC control system, making the machine operation with stable performance, easy to operate. For used tire recycling, we Henan Doing Company developed different capacities of batch/semi-continuous/fully automatic pyrolysis machines, from small 100kg for testing running to 50 ton/day per set.

5. Flexibility

The raw materials that the used tire recycling pyrolysis machine can process include used car tires, big truck/OTR tires, bicycles tires, etc., and other waste materials like rubber materials, mixed plastic scraps(except PVC and PET), aluminum plastic, etc. DOING pyrolysis machine is designed with flexibility in mind. It can handle a wide range of solid wastes.

used tires pyrolysis machine

Used rubber and tires raw material for pyrolysis machines

In conclusion, the pyrolysis machine has become the best way for recycling used tires and other waste materials. It is more suitable for meeting the environmental and economic needs of different investors. Welcome to contact Henan Doing Company for more equipment details and technical guidance.

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