Are there successful pyrolysis plant projects in Malaysia?

Industry news / DATE:2024/1/4

As a world-leading pyrolysis machine manufacturer and supplier, we Henan Doing Company have successfully set up waste pyroysis plant projects in different states of Malaysia in the last decades, including Penang, Perak, Johor in west Malaysia and Sarawak in east Malaysia.

pyrolysis plant in Malaysia

DOING pyrolysis plants project cases in Malaysia

Among the states where we have pyrolysis plant projects, we have more projects in Johor, because Johor is an oil and gas hub of Malaysia, which has oil storage and marine refueling stations and many oil related projects are concentrated here, so it will be easier for our customer to handle pyrolysis project procedures.

Our pyrolysis plant projects in Malaysia process different raw materials to get fuel oil or diesel. Some pyrolysis machines are used for plastic processing, and some for waste rubber tyre and oil sludge processing. Recently the 60 ton pyrolysis project we set up in Perak of Malaysia is for oil sludge processing. With oil sludge as raw material, our pyrolysis plant achieved a very good oil recovery as high as 70%, and now our customer is going to start the project phase 2 by increasing another 60ton pyrolysis plant.

One pyrolysis project we do in Penang is for waste tyre processing and pyrolysis. We all know the pyrolysis oil can replace diesel fuel for industrial heating, such as brick factories, cement factories, steel mills, etc. But the final oil customer choose to obtain is diesel for wider applications such as trucks, ships, boats, diesel generators, etc,. So this pyrolysis project also contains the pyrolysis oil distillation plant projects.

waste tire plastic to diesel plant

Waste tire plastic to diesel plant process

What we listed above are just parts of DOING pyrolysis plant project cases in Malaysia for your reference. We have been specialized in the China pyrolysis industry for more than 13 years. Our pyrolysis machines have been hot sales to 100+ countries and regions, and are highly recognized by our customers. Due to the reasonable application of pyrolysis technology, our waste pyrolysis machine can effectively convert different solid waste that is made of hydrocarbon polymers into oil gas, non-condensable gas and biochar through high-temperature cracking and heating, offering environmental and beneficial waste treatment and management solutions.

pyrolysis plant in Malaysia

Advantages of DOING pyrolysis plant in Malaysia for sale

If you have a plan to do waste pyrolysis plant projects in Malaysia, please feel free to leave your enquiry for further communication. Based on rich pyrolysis plant installation experience, our sales manager and engineer team will customize you suitable solutions.

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