What's the price of pyrolysis plant in Vietnam?

Industry news / DATE:2023/12/14

Over the past several years, DOING has cooperated with many Vietnamese customers on our pyrolysis plants, which helped them generate huge profits. And now more and more people are interested in setting up pyrolysis plants in Vietnam, while the price of pyrolysis plants is the first thing that they considered. This passage will have a brief discussion about this question:

The price of pyrolysis plant in Vietnam is between 15000 dollars and 750000+ dollars(Note: the price of pyrolysis plant will vary with the market), which is affected by the types and equipped configurations:

1. Types of pyrolysis plant

Here DOING provides three types of pyrolysis plants: batch type, semi-continuous type and fully continuous type, which have different processing capacities from 100kg to 50 tons per day and advantages. Of course, the price is also different.

Three types of DOING pyrolysis plantThree types of DOING pyrolysis plant

The batch type pyrolysis plant is designed for small and medium scale operations, which offers simplicity in operation and maintenance, making it an economical choice for those starting with a smaller budget, with the price between 15000 dollars and 70000 dollars;

The semi-continuous type pyrolysis plant strikes a balance between cost-effectiveness and productivity, making it a popular choice for many customers, which is suitable for medium-sized facilities project, with the price between 100000 dollars to 400000 dollars;

For larger-scale operations with high-volume waste processing requirements, the fully continuous type pyrolysis plant is the most suitable option. While the initial investment for a fully continuous type plant may be higher, its long-term benefits, such as increased productivity and reduced labor costs, justify the higher price tag, with the price between 500000 dollars and 750000+ dollars;

DOING fully continuous pyrolysis plant for saleDOING fully continuous pyrolysis plant for sale

Of course, the price mentioned above is the common range. If you want to equip greater configurations, the price will be higher.

2. Equipped configurations of pyrolysis plant

To enhance the work performance of pyrolysis plant, here DOING provides some optional configurations for our customers to choose:

There are a total of 6 optional devices, but just 5 tons and a larger capacity pyrolysis plant could use all these optional devices. They are auto-feeder, burner, carbon black screw conveyor, vacuum device, desulfurization tower and the smell disposal device. The last two devices are the environmental protection devices, suitable for the project which needs to meet the local environmental protection demand.

Optional devices for DOING pyrolysis plantOptional devices for DOING pyrolysis plant

The price of these 6 optional devices is different, some are cheap and some are a little costly, you could choose according to your requirement. Take the 15TPD pyrolysis plant as an example, if you want to get better working performance to equip all these optional devices, the price is about 1000000 dollars.

Now you must have a general learning about the price of pyrolysis plants in Vietnam. If you want to get more detailed information about our pyrolysis plant, just feel free to contact us. And we can also share more pyrolysis plant projects in Vietnam with you.

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