What are the economic benefits of pyrolysis plant?

Industry news / DATE:2023/11/14

Recently, pyrolysis plant has become a popular solution for solid waste management. While the huge economic benefits generated from pyrolysis plant is an important factor for people to carry out the projects. So today, this passage will have an introduction about the economic benefits of pyrolysis plants:

1. Revenue from sale of final products

Pyrolysis plants can recycle waste tires, plastics, oil sludge, etc. While the obtained final products vary from the processed raw materials, I will take the waste tire as an example to introduce the revenue from sale of final products:

Profits analysis of waste tire pyrolysis plant

Profits analysis of waste tire pyrolysis plant

The final products obtained from pyrolysis plant include tire pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire, which all have large markets to generate economic benefits:

1) Tire pyrolysis oil: The main sales application of tire pyrolysis oil is as fuel combustion, which can be used for boiler heating; be sold to cement factories, steel factories, glass factories, and also suitable for heavy oil generators. And it also can be further refined to diesel with waste oil distillation machine. The final diesel can be used in diesel generator, which is suitable for generators with rotating speed lower than 2000 rpm, like trailers, trucks, mining machinery and heavy machinery.

Applications of tire pyrolysis oil

Applications of tire pyrolysis oil

2) Carbon black: Apart from being used as heating fuels directly, you can also grind the carbon black into finer mesh sizes with a carbon black grinding machine, and sell the refined carbon black to rubber product factories such as rubber shoe factories and floor mat factories as raw materials for the production of new rubber products. Carbon black can also be sold to pigment factories as a colorant and can also be sold at a good price.

3) Steel wire: The treatment of steel wire can be sold to a waste recycling station, or another way is to sell it to a steel plant for remelting and casting. Customers can inspect the steel wire market based on the local steel mills' situation.

2. Solid waste disposal cost reduction&Energy cost savings

By diverting waste tires and plastics from traditional disposal methods such as landfilling, the pyrolysis plants help alleviate the financial burden on waste management entities. The potential savings in waste disposal costs can be significant, benefiting municipalities, waste management companies, and other stakeholders involved in waste treatment and disposal. And in some countries, you can also apply for some allowances and grants from local governments to carry out the pyrolysis plant projects. For example, the Russian and Australian governments both provide the subsidies for pyrolysis plant projects.

Moreover, the use of pyrolysis oil as a sustainable fuel source can result in energy cost savings for industries. Compared to conventional fossil fuels, pyrolysis oil offers a more sustainable and potentially cost-effective alternative, which can lead to reduced energy expenses and enhance the economic viability of various industrial processes.

Projects of DOING pyrolysis plants

Projects of DOING pyrolysis plants

DOING Group, a well-regarded manufacturer and supplier of pyrolysis plants, has cooperated with many customers on our pyrolysis plants. And most of our customers have successfully carried out the pyrolysis plant projects and generated huge economic benefits for themselves, so if you are interested in our pyrolysis plant or want to learn more about the benefits of pyrolysis plant, please contact us anytime.

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