Henan DOING Company and Shanxi customers successfully signed a 50TPD full continuous waste tire pyro

Company news / DATE:2022/10/8

Henan DOING Company successfully signed a contract with a large environmental protection technology company in Shanxi on September 1, 2022, and the turnkey project for the pyrolysis of waste tires with an annual processing capacity of 20,000 tons is ready to settle in Linfen, Shanxi. Henan Dongying participated in the design and construction of the project, and provided a complete set of equipment for a 50t/d continuous pyrolysis production line for waste tires. This is another solid waste recycling project designed and constructed by DOING in Shanxi Province.

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Fully automatic waste tyres pyrolysis plant of DOING factory

The Shanxi customer used to be a natural gas company. On August 2, 2022, he got in touch with us after learning about the waste tire thermal cracking technology and equipment on our website. During the communication process, our project manager answered the technical questions raised by the customer in a timely manner, and provided detailed equipment energy consumption table and environmental protection emission data requirements for the customer's environmental protection issues, which left a deep impression on the customer. At the same time, our project managers work on the front line and take the initiative to take engineers to visit the customer's project site and put forward guidance plans and suggestions.

On August 17, 2022, customers came to our company for on-site inspection. After seeing the company's technical research and development team, engineer team, pre-sales and after-sales service team, they gave the project to us with confidence. Our engineers provided a 50t/day continuous waste tire cracking plant production line equipment configuration plan according to customer needs, and the customer also put forward requirements for some technical details. In the end, the customer was moved by our attitude of striving for perfection and serious and responsible attitude, and successfully signed a turnkey project of waste tire cracking plant with our company.

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