An Italian customer purchase a set of 100kg/d tire pyrolysis plant and waste oil refining equipment

Company news / DATE:2022/8/11

On August 8, 2022, an Italian customer successfully reached a cooperation with DOING Company to purchase a set of 100kg/d pyrolysis equipment and waste oil refining equipment from DOING to convert waste tires into diesel oil to enhance its market value and additional value.


100kg/d pyrolysis plant and pyrolysis oil refining plant

The Italian client operates a group company, which is mainly engaged in coal mining, oil and gas and other businesses. This is also the first time to do equipment import business in China. The client was very cautious. He asked three third-party companies to help him understand the company's strength, project cases and equipment advantages, and finally chose DOING among the many alternative companies.

In order to further understand the operation of the equipment, customers visit the factory through video. Our project manager explained the details of the equipment to the customer in detail and showed the real on-site conditions of the equipment operation. The third-party company also gave us high recognition and support. After understanding the specific needs of the customer's processing capacity and equipment configuration, our engineers provided the equipment configuration plan for the customer. The customer was satisfied with this, and signed a contract with us on August 8 to finalize two sets of small unit equipment. This program, and paid the equipment deposit.

At present, the business manager has issued an order production notice to the factory, and it will be put into production soon. For more details on the production and manufacture of the equipment, loading and delivery, installation and debugging, please pay attention to Henan DOING Company.

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