Doing Company regular Indian customer ordered a set of 12TPD waste tyre recycling machine

Company news / DATE:2022/3/12

On March 9, 2022, a regular Indian customer of Doing Company purchased our 12TPD waste tyre recycling machine. The customer has purchased two recycling machine from Doing and installed them in Ghana last year, which are still running smoothly and have helped this Indian customer obtain considerable profits.


12TPD waste tyre recycling machine

Now that oil prices in the national market continue to rise, he decided to seize the opportunity for the development of the waste tyre and waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis business and expand the production capacity of his recycling machine. The customer is very recognized for Doing Company’s production strength, the operation status and quality of our equipment, and has seen many project cases as reference. Therefore, he did not hesitate to contact Doing Company when he had a demand for recycling machine this time.


The cost of starting tyre recycling machine

After detailed discussion with our project manager, this India customer finalized the 12TPD waste tyre recycling machine solution and paid for the order. Now that the recycling machine has entered Doing factory's order, it is estimated that it will take 2 months to complete the equipment manufacturing.

With strong manufacturing capacity, high-quality and favorable price equipment and perfect after-sales service, Doing Company has become the preferred choice for many customers to buy waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant. And we have exported pyrolysis plants to more than 90+ countries and regions. If you have demand, feel free to contact us to get the free quotation!

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