​ How to convert used oil to diesel fuel?

Industry news / DATE:2020/1/16

Converting used oil to diesel fuel is efficient way for the disposal of used oil, such as waste engine oil, motor oil, lubricating oil and pyrolysis oil and so on. The process can be completed in 4 steps:

convert used oil to diesel

The process to convert used oil to diesel fuel

1. Distillation
Heat the used oil to evaporate the oil gas and remove the impurities in the used oil.

2. Condensation
Cool the oil gas into oil through the condensing system and circulating water.

3. Decolorization and deodorization
Use the catalysts to remove the gum and waxy and odor from the cooled oil. This prevents the oil from changing color over time.

4. Filtration
If you want to get a cleaner, more light yellow color, you can filter the diesel again with a filtration system, which is mainly used for decolorization.

used oil to diesel 

Waste oil to diesel distillation plant project site

In the end, pure and light yellow diesel can be obtained, and the oil yield can reach 85%. The diesel can be used in boilers, generators, burners, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, ship engines, etc. I believe this diesel will find a ready market in your country. If you are interested in our waste oil to diesel distillation plant, please feel free to contact us.

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