The newest generation pyrolysis tyre machinery delivered to Zhoukou, China

Company news / DATE:2018/11/22

On November 17th, one waste tyre to oil production line ordered by customer in Zhoukou, Henan Province was delivered. The line includes one set 10T/D the newest generation pyrolysis tyre machinery, one set water type dedusting system and related accessories. The equipment delivery pictures are as follows:

20181120 河南周口2 (600).jpg

The newest generation pyrolysis tyre machinery delivered to Zhoukou, China

Recently, we received a lot of orders from Henan where our company is located. This shows that the quality of DOING equipment is widely recognized by the native. We will continue to provide high quality the newest generation pyrolysis tyre machinery and perfect after-sales service to our customers. For more information on the newest generation pyrolysis tyre machinery, please contact us.

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