2018 outdoor training Of DoingGroup

Company news / DATE:2018/5/15

waste tyre pyrolysis plant

DoingGroup team

On May 11th, 2018, in the Wenhui Villa of Baisha Reservoir in Dengfeng City, we began a two-day extension training in response to the drizzle.

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Trust your team and back-fall

waste tyre pyrolysis plant

rapid assault

pyrolysis plant


crazy markets


In this process, we experienced a series of challenging, memorable games such as trust your team and back-fall, rapid assault, jigsaw puzzles, rough life road, and crazy markets.

tyre pyrolysis plant

DoingGroup Graduation photo

Through these games and challenges, our team has undergone different tests. Through these challenges, our team feels joy, and the quality of all aspects has also been further improved, such as thanksgiving, cooperation, unity, and so on.

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