10tons capacity waste tyre pyrolysis plant in Egypt

tyres pyrolysis plant news / DATE:2016-5-31

In 2014, our Egypt customer bought one set of 10tons capacity waste tyre pyrolysis plant and our company sent two engineers to help them complete the installation. After a short time, at the beginning of May, the installation of the capacity waste tire pyrolysis plant was finished with our help in Egypt.

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10tons capacity waste tyre pyrolysis plant in Egypt

Our engineers tested the waste tyre pyrolysis plant exactly .Now the waste tyre pyrolysis plant  is running well.This waste tyre pyrolysis plant firstly appeared in the Egypt market. the customer was very satisfied with the waste tyre pyrolysis plant. At the same time this customer wanted to make full use of the carbon black, he bought a set of grinding machine. The grinding machine has 325 mesh to leak the carbon black wholly. The grinding machine can give the customer a large number of economic profit.Of getting feedback from theEgypt market, we knowed that 1T carbon black after grinding can sell more than 15million dolars in the Egypt market.


Installation of waste tyre pyrolysis plant

DOING Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing waste tire/plastic/rubber pyrolysis plant, waste tyre & rubber pyrolysis plant, waste tire/plastic /rubber crude oil distillation plant and so on. We have advanced and complete demo machine both waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis and distillation plant. Welcome to visit!

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