Pyrolysis oil in Thailand

Industry news / DATE:2015/1/27

Feedstock  material  is  the  main  factor  to  indicate  the properties of the pyrolysis oil. Tire pyrolysis and plastic pyrolysis technologies are the available technologies on the market in Thailand. The feedstock pre-process is one of the main factors to assess the possibility of the technology.  The  waste  tires  are  collected  easily  from  the scavenger  and  garage  as  they  are  bulky  and  heavy  but only shredding process is required to reduce the size. The waste plastics are collected from scavenger, MSW sorting plant, and landfill area. The weakness of the plastic is the character of the plastic, which is mainly from plastic bag, is small high impurity and bulky. Soring and cleaning is required for plastic process. However, as the purpose of the process is turning waste to energy, the pyrolysis  process  of  tire  and  plastic  is  distinguished  and compared in this research. Physical and chemical analysis  properties of  both  oils  are  studied  and compared  in order to ensure to usage of the oil in diesel engine.

pyrolysis oil

Pyrolysis oil

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