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Traditional ways of recycling waste tyre

2.1 RETREADING the waste tyresRetreading is to give a new rubber tread and a new life to the worn scrap tyres.It is a pr...

  Recycling news |  2014/9/26  |  Read more

The development of the waste tyre disposal

As we know with the development of the world auto industry, the scrap vehicle tyres makes a significant contributions to...

  Recycling news |  2014/9/25  |  Read more

General introduction of Plastic to oil pyrolysis plant of henan doing

 Plastic industry is one of the world''''s largest consumers of oil over five million barrels a day are used in the ...

  Recycling news |  2014/8/5  |  Read more

value of converting plastic to oil

Now we cannot live without the plastics for its convenience its low price what is more it can be used in many aspects of...

  Recycling news |  2014/7/29  |  Read more

plastic to oil

Nowadays we have a great eager to dispose the waste plastic. Plastic to oil technology can relieve the pressure the wast...

  Recycling news |  2014/7/28  |  Read more

plastic Waste management

Nowadays, with the development of economics, more and more waste produced per day, they pollute the environment harm our...

  Recycling news |  2014/7/26  |  Read more

plastics disposal by pyrolysis plant

With the rapid increasing of plastic, more and more waste plastic is produced per year. Plastics disposal is more an...

  Recycling news |  2014/7/12  |  Read more

plastic to oil is benefical to humans health

As we know plastic is used more and more widely in the world. The waste plastic has caused a serious pollution in the wo...

  Recycling news |  2014/7/3  |  Read more

Waste tire recycling to fuel oil line

With the rapid development of the world automobile industry and transportation industry, waste tire recycling and renewa...

  Recycling news |  2013/10/31  |  Read more

Black pollution to green wealth, waste tires recycling become the star

  Eating is waste tires generation is 3 "baby": industrial oil, powdered carbon bl...

  Recycling news |  2013/10/26  |  Read more

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