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Waste oil distillation plant to Pakistan

Serveral days ago, We transport waste oil distillation plant to Pakistan, The port in China is Qingdao. This is our regu...

  Refining news |  2016/5/31  |  Read more

Palestine customer bought the distillation plant to deal with the waste engine oil

From the beginning of May, our Palestine customer came to visit us, Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., ltd. He bought...

  Refining news |  2016/5/26  |  Read more

Indian customer coming to visit our used oil refinery plant next week

Used oil refinery plantNext week we will have customer from India to visit our factor to make a study of our waste oil r...

  Refining news |  2016/5/25  |  Read more

DOING waste tire/plastic oil refining plant Increased Processing Capacity to 20Ton/day

New tech DOING waste  tire/plastic oil refining plant is always known for its high working efficiency, high oil out...

  Refining news |  2016/3/25  |  Read more

Extracting crude oil from waste tyre pyrolysis equipment

Extracting crude oil from waste tire refining equipment. The work process of extracting crude oil from waste tire with r...

  Refining news |  2013/11/1  |  Read more

Characteristics of waste tires oil refining technology and equipment

  Waste tires oil refining equipment utilization as an important resource for pollution and waste tire recycling, ...

  Refining news |  2013/10/26  |  Read more

The process of waste tires oil refining

  The generation of waste tires oil refining equipment solve the tires, this device is definitely an effective e...

  Refining news |  2013/10/21  |  Read more

why waste plastic can be refined into oil

It’s very scientific to refine oil from waste plastic. The process is that pyrolyzing waste...

  Refining news |  2012/8/15  |  Read more

Extracting oil from waste tires by heating can ture waste into black gold

Each year Americans discard about 240 million tyres, about one per person, most of which end up in landfills. In the mea...

  Refining news |  2012/8/14  |  Read more

waste tyre oil refining is a technology

Waste tire oil refining is a technology distilled crude oil or other to change the molecular structure, also is th...

  Refining news |  2012/7/25  |  Read more

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