Used tires/tyres news

Used tires have been recycling by pyrolysis machine

Used tires have been recycling by pyrolysis machine, But why are we recycling the used tires? Because of much more tir...

  Used tires/tyres news |  2012/8/14  |  Read more

What is waste rubber?

What is waste rubber in China? As fellows: The definition:Waste rubber is a kind of solid waster, the main source is wa...

  Used tires/tyres news |  2012/8/11  |  Read more

The industry of waste tires recycling has a bright prospect

With auto industry growing strongly, 50%-55% raw rubber is used for tire manufacturing every year. Auto should change ...

  Used tires/tyres news |  2012/8/10  |  Read more

Doing’s waste tire recycling equipment can turn waste tire into oil

Waste tire recycling equipment is a new type of device. Waste tire recycling equipment can transform waste tires into ...

  Used tires/tyres news |  2012/7/25  |  Read more

Carbon black extracted from waste tire by waste tire pyrolysis equipment

Doing 5T/6T/8T/10T waste tire pyrolysis equipment/plant is a machine can pyrolysis waste tires, waste rubber and waste...

  Used tires/tyres news |  2012/7/20  |  Read more

The brief analysis of waste tires are increasing all over the world

"Waste tires", namely, the tires have lost their value were replaced or obsoleted, and abandoned by factory. Althoug...

  Used tires/tyres news |  2012/7/18  |  Read more

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