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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2023/2/9

As the international oil price continues to rise, the domestic oil price in Afghanistan, which relies on oil imports, naturally also rises. Since last year, the price of a liter of diesel has risen from 50 afghanis to 100 afghanis. In order to alleviate the shortage of resources, we can use waste oil distillation plants to recycle waste oil into an alternative energy source for diesel --- non-standard diesel.

Waste oil distillation plant

Waste oil distillation plant

Waste oil distillation plant can recycle various waste oils, such as waste engine oil, used motor oil, waste lubricating oil, liquid waste oil sludge, tire plastic pyrolysis oil. Through distillation and refining of waste oil, 80%-85% non-standard diesel oil and 15%-20% asphalt (heavy oil impurities, similar in performance to asphalt) can be obtained, fully utilizing the value of waste oils.

The core process of the waste oil distillation plant is the distillation and cracking of waste oils. The video of waste oil to diesel recycling process is as follows:

The non-standard diesel oil produced by DOING waste oil distillation plant has high purity, less impurities and bright color, and can be used in various diesel equipment, such as tractors, trucks, ship generators and boilers, etc. It’s a clean and green renewable energy, which can be sold at good prices in the market. And the asphalt is used for paving roads and waterproofing of buildings, laying roofs, making linoleum, sleepers, anti-corrosion of electric poles, and waterproof thin layer of steel pipes. You can directly sell them in the local market in Afghanistan.

From what we have been talking above, we can see that producing diesel alternative energy with waste oil distillation plants in Afghanistan is a great solution, which can create great social benefits and economic benefits.

analysis for 5t/d oil distillation plant

ROI analysis for 5t/d oil distillation plant

The waste oil distillation plant manufactured by Henan Doing Company has been highly recognized by our customers. It has great performance and high safety factor, and it meets the environmental protection and safety standards of different countries.

If you want to set up a waste oil distillation plant in Afghanistan to produce non-standard diesel from waste oils, please feel free to consult as for professional solutions so as to obtain considerable profits.

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