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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2022/8/4

Is it environmentally friendly to produce oil from waste plastic? The answer is yes, the six pollution free designs of DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant can ensure that it is environmentally friendly to produce oil from waste plastic. And our waste plastic pyrolysis plant can meet the environmental standards of different countries.

Here, please let me show you how DOING ensures that our waste plastic pyrolysis plant can produce oil from waste plastic in an environmentally friendly way.

1.Our pyrolysis machine reactor has the complete covered insulation cover, there is no heat loss. It not only saves heating fuel, but also no smoke leaks out, which is more environmentally friendly.

2.For our waste plastic pyrolysis plant, carbon black is discharged from both sides of the reactor, then use a screw conveyor to take it out. The whole system is sealed without any leakage, thus keeping your factory clean.

3.The waste plastic pyrolysis production line adopts circulating water for both cooling water and dedusting water to ensure zero discharge of waste water in the production process.

700-塑料炼油.jpgWaste plastic pyrolysis to fuel oil plant

4.For our pyrolysis machine, we have the ordor removal device. The order removal device can effectively purify the exhaust gas before the gas is recycled to furnace as heating fuel, which can guarantee no pollution and no bad small from exhaust gas burning.

5.Regarding dust removal equipment, we have water film dust removal as standard equipment, and desulfurization tower as optional equipment. You can choose according to your own needs.

6. The smoke produced by the burning of original fuel will be collected into our desulfurization dedusting system. So that the smoke can be fully desulfurized by desulfurization dedusting system. The dust will be separated by the centrifugal force, and adsorbed by the water. So that the environmental emission standards can be met.

裂解设备 净化系统 脱硫塔.jpgDesulfurization dedusting system

In summary, it is environmentally friendly to produce oil from waste plastic through DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plants. Till now, our professional sales manager and engineer teams have customized environmentally friendly waste plastic to oil production solutions for customers in 90+ countries. Please feel free to contact us and tell us your requirements, free quotations and related machine details of DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant will be provided!

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