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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2022/6/23

The oil sludge treatment project is currently receiving widespread attention. It not only ensures the requirements of emission and environmental protection, but also brings objective economic benefits and recovery value. So to buy oil sludge treatment plant, how much budget do we need to prepare? In fact, the price of the oil sludge treatment plant varies according to the machine type, daily capacity and configuration.

There are two main types of equipment for processing and recycling waste oil sludge, one is pyrolysis plant for processing solid or semi-liquid type oil sludge to help you obtain fuel oil; the other is distillation plant for processing waste oil sludge with high water content liquid to help you obtain higher quality diesel.


Semi-liquid type oil sludge pyrolysis plant

The pyrolysis plant and distillation plant use different processing technologies to realize the environmental protection treatment of waste oil sludge, and the components of the equipment will also be different. And if pyrolysis plant is adopted, customers can also choose whether to equip with a feeding system according to their own needs for the degree of automation. Customers have different configurations of equipment, and the corresponding equipment prices are also different.

As for the daily capacity of these two kinds of equipment, you can choose 1/5/10/12/15/20 tons. The higher the processing capacity of the equipment, the higher the corresponding equipment price. Overall, the price of waste oil sludge treatment plant ranges from 35,000USD to 1,280,000USD.


The fully continuous type and batch type pyrolysis plant

Doing Company is a mature factory with 11+ years experience of manufacturing the pyrolysis plant and distillation plant. You can tell us your oil sludge type and estimated daily capacity, and our sales manager will recommend suitable oil sludge treatment plants and specific favorable quotations for you. And we can also provide more relevant technical information or oil sludge treatment plant running video for your reference.

Advantages of DOING oil sludge treatment plant :

1.The oil sludge treatment plant is heated evenly when processing the waste oil sludge, which makes the oil sludge treatment plant durable.

2.The oil sludge treatment plant is equipped with a flue gas desulfurization purification system, which can make the entire treatment process meet the environmental protection standards without secondary pollution.

3.The oil sludge treatment plant is also equipped with safety systems such as oil-water separator, water sealing device, vacuum device, etc. to ensure the safety and stability of the whole treatment process.

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