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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2021/9/8

Waste oil always contains some harmful materials, which will cause waterand soil are polluted, and human health and environment are threaten ifdirectly discharging. Well, is there a device that can change waste oilinto fuel oil? Absolutely, the answer is yes. Waste oil distillationmachine is that machine.

新精炼模型B.jpgWaste oil distillation machine

The waste oil distillation machine of Henan Doing EnvironmentalProtection Technology Co., Ltd is designed for processing various wasteoil, like waste engine oil and so on. In fact, it can not only processvarious waste oil, but also the tire/plastic pyrolysis oil. Afterprocessing, we will get light diesel and asphalt.

The process of waste oil distillation machine is very simple, justthrough pretreatment of heat transfer oil and condensate water,high-temperature distillation, condensation into oil, exhaust gaspurification, decolorization and deodorization and flue gas treatment,we will get diesel and asphalt. It is mentioning that the flue gasproduced by the heat-conducting oil furnace and the reactor will beprocessed by the desulfurization tower and discharged into theatmosphere after meeting the environment emission standards. Waste oildistillation machine is an environmental protection machine.

精炼步骤.jpgWorkflow of waste oil distillation machine

The clean, bright-colored non-standard diesel, as the product of wasteoil distillation machine, has a good quality, which can be used widely.It can be used as alternative fuel not only in heavy machinery,agricultural machinery, but also boiler, diesel burners, generatror andso on. As for the asphalt, it can be used for paving or selling to theasphalt refinery. All of them can bring economic benefit to us.

The waste oil distillation machine of Henan Doing EnvironmentalProtection Technology Co., Ltd has the advantages of safe, environmentalprotection, high oil yield, which is a better choice to process wasteoil. If you want to purchase one waste oil distillation machine, welcometo contact us.

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