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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2021/8/6

Pyrolysis oil can be obtained through waste tire pyrolysis plant. The higher the oil yield, the higher the profit, so how to increase the oil yield of waste tire pyrolysis? In fact, the oil output rate of waste tires mainly depends on the performance of the waste tire pyrolysis plant and the level of operation of workers. As long as we start with these two aspects, we can increase the oil yield.

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1. Choose good performance pyrolysis plant

The performance of waste tire pyrolysis plant is a key link that affects the oil yield. Especially the reactor and condensing tank. The reactor of Doing company adopts indirect heating method, which can make the tires evenly and fully pyrolyzed by heating, and increase the oil output. The condensing system needs to condense the oil and gas into oil. In this link, we use a tubular condenser to ensure that the oil and gas are fully cooled and the oil output rate is high.

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2.Improve the level of operation of workers

The level of workers' operation will have a direct impact on the rate of pyrolysis of waste tires. Workers must control the temperature when the reactor heats and cracks waste tires. Overheating or not reaching the temperature will affect the degree of pyrolysis of waste tires, thereby affecting the oil yield. So before pyrolysis we must first train the workers, let them learn the operating knowledge of the plant, and try to be as standard as possible.

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The above two factors are the main factors that affect the oil yield of waste tires. Of course, the type of tires and the season, etc. will also more or less affect the oil yield of the waste tire pyrolysis plant. Doing's waste tire pyrolysis plant has good performance and high oil yield, which is your best choice. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us.

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