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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2021/7/9

For customers who want to purchase waste tire pyrolysis plant, they will be more concerned about how to start waste tire pyrolysis plant project. Here, Doing Group will tell customers the preparations before starting the waste tire pyrolysis plant project.

Waste tire pyrolysis plant projectWaste tire pyrolysis plant project

Firstof all, when customers has studied the waste tire pyrolysis plantproject and decided to start this project, customers need to prepare apiece of land for the construction of waste tire pyrolysis plantworkshop. Usually a waste tire pyrolysis plant requires about 600 squaremeters of land. Henan Doing provides two types of waste tire pyrolysisplant: batch waste tire pyrolysis plant and continuous waste tirepyrolysis plant. The two types of waste tire pyrolysis plant havedifferent daily capacity, and occupy different land area. If customerswant to know more information about how to choose the area of land,please consult us, our engineers will provide suitable solutions forcustomers.

Waste tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire pyrolysis plant

Secondly,to carry out the waste tire pyrolysis plant project, in addition to theland, customers need to have sufficient raw materials-waste tires. Ourcommon waste tires mainly include: automobile tires, truck tires,engineering tires, automobile tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires,etc. After you have the raw materials, you can make a preliminary planfor the project, such as how many raw materials to collect in a day andhow many raw materials to process each day. You can choose theappropriate waste tire pyrolysis plant according to the daily capacity.The daily capacity of Doing Group waste tire pyrolysis plant is between100Kg and 50 tons. We can also provide customers with personalizedsolutions to meet the needs of different customers.

OiL yield of different waste tireOiL yield of different waste tire

Thirdly,after determining the land and raw materials, customers need tocalculate the amount of investment in the waste tire pyrolysis plantproject. These investment amounts roughly include: waste tire pyrolysisplant cost, land cost, raw material cost, labor cost and dailyelectricity cost for waste tire pyrolysis plant operation. Doing Groupcontinuous waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts PLC control system, whichhas a high degree of automation and is convenient for workers tooperate. The main advantage is that continuous waste tire pyrolysisplant has a continuous feeding and slagging discharge system, whichgreatly improves production efficiency. One production line requires 1-2people, which saves manpower, has low investment and high profits.

Waste tire pyrolysis plant project investmentWaste tire pyrolysis plant project investment

Fourthly,after calculating the investment amount , customers should investigatethe waste tire pyrolysis plant project market, calculate the cost ofobtaining raw materials and how to sell the end products - fuel oil andcarbon black. Calculate how much money can be obtained from the wastetire pyrolysis plant project based on market prices.Finally,after preparing for the above four aspects, you can prepare for thefinal step of the project, which is to inspect the manufacturer of wastetire pyrolysis plant and choose a machine manufacturer that can provideyou with reliable, effective and high-quality equipment. Doing Grouphas been dedicated to waste tire pyrolysis plant for more than 10 years,is a comprehensive environmental protection equipment manufacturingenterprise integrating design,research anddevelopment,manufacturing,sales and after-sales service. Our equipmentare sold well in more than 90 countries and regions, and have won praisean trust from customers all over the world.

Waste tire pyrolysis plant installationWaste tire pyrolysis plant installation

Theabove is the preparation required to start the waste tire pyrolysisplant project. If customers want to know more information about startingthe project of waste tire pyrolysis plant or waste tire pyrolysis plant, welcome consult us feel free, we will provide customers with the most reasonable and reliable services and equipment.

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