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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2020/8/27

Which machine can produce oil from plastic waste? Which plastic waste can be used for producing oil? How to get oil from waste plastic? Some customers have a lot of questions about plastic to oil, so today I will answer these questions in detail.

塑料到油裂解产物.jpgWaste plastic pyrolysis plant

Our waste plastic pyrolysis plant can produce oil from waste plastic, but not all plastics can be used for producing oil. For example, PVC and PET, organic plastic waste, etc. are not suitable for producing oil, because PVC contains acid and will corrode machine, and PET contains almost no oil. Disposal of organic plastic waste will generate harmful gases, so when customers choose raw materials, they should choose plastics with high oil yield, such as PP, PE, PS, ABS and so on.

轮胎塑料出油率.jpgThe oil yield of some plastics

So how does waste plastic pyrolysis plant produce oil from plastic waste?

Waste plastics to oil uses the principle of thermal cracking to convert high molecular compounds into a variety of low molecular compounds. Therefore, waste plastics are cracked into oil gas through our plastic pyrolysis machine under low temperature and slight negative pressure. The oil gas are cooled into liquid oil through the cooling system, and finally fuel oil and carbon black are obtained.

pyrolysis plant working process.jpgThe main working process of waste plastic pyrolysis plant

This oil can be used as a fuel in various heavy industrial plants, such as steel plants, cement plants, boiler plants, power plants, etc. But if your country has relatively few heavy industries, then you can further refine the oil into non-standard diesel through our distillation machine. The distillation machine can distill the oil to remove wax and gum, and then decolor and deodorize, and finally get diesel. This diesel can be used in diesel generators, heavy machinery, engines, boilers, etc.

distillation machine 加水印.jpgDistillation machine and the final product applications

If you want to get oil from plastic and want to know more details of our waste plastic pyrolysis plant and distillation machine, please consult us for free.

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