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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2019/12/18

Waste plastic pyrolysis machine can produce liquid oil from plastic waste at different temperatures  (300–900°C), in the absence of oxygen, which is a technique called pyrolysis. Generally speaking, catalysts can be used to improve the pyrolysis process of plastic waste and to enhance process efficiency. But, we don't use any cracking catalysts in our waste plastic pyrolysis machine. Now let me tell you why.

 plastic pyrolysis machine

Our customer's waste plastic pyrolysis machine is in production

Firstly, most of the effective cracking catalysts are acidic, but the acid will cause corrosion to the reactor and shorten the service life of the waste plastic pyrolysis machine. At the same time, the byproduct produced by pyrolysis of plastic is more likely to clog the reactor and cause subsequent maintenance problems.
Secondly, with the use of cracking catalyst, the production of gases is high, but a slight decrease in the liquid oil yield may happen due to its high acidity. What we want get from waste plastic is liquid oil, so it doesn't make sense to us.
Finally, using cracking catalyst will increase the equipment operation cost, which means the economic profit will be decrease. It is not worth the money. So our waste plastic pyrolysis machine don't use cracking catalyst.
It is better for you to understand it if I list the whole process and the theory of the waste plastic pyrolysis machine below.
First of all: waste plastic pyrolysis process. Our reactor is completely sealed, which can create an oxygen-free environment for the waste plastics. As the temperature increases, the waste plastic will be pyrolysised in the reactor without any oxygen, so it will be pyrolysis into oil gas. And then the oil gas will enter the buffer chamber through a gas pipeline, which is also called a catalyst chamber, but its purpose is to slowing down the speed of the oil gas. After heating for two hours, the waste plastic will be converted into oil gas rapidly. In order to make sure the oil gas be condensate fully, the speed of the oil gas must be slow. But no catalyst needed to be used in this process.

waste plastic pyrolysis machine

DOING pyrolysis reactor design for high oil yield

Next is the condensation. We adopts the circulated cooling water condensing system. The circulating cooling water surrounds the oil gas pipes. So when the oil gas meets the lower temperature, so there will be a liquefaction reaction for the oil gas, finally, the oil gas will become into pyrolysis oil.

plastic pyrolysis machine

3-steps circulated cooling water condensing system for high oil yield

So there is no catalyst needed by our waste plastic pyrolysis machines. If you have any more questions about waste plastic pyrolysis machine, feel free to contact us any time. We DOING company has been producing this waste plastic pyrolysis machines over 10 years, we have installed many pyrolysis machines to more than 50 countries. You are always welcome to visit our factory in China.

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