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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2015/1/24

Plastic pyrolysis oil is mean the fuel oil extract from waste plastic by pyrolysis plant. It has a high heating value.There also has another energy from waste plastic, that is carbon black. These products are made by recycling application and about 40-45% of its amount contains recycled scrap plastic.

Plastic pyrolysis oil

Plastic pyrolysis oil extract from pyrolysis plant

During this process a high degree of control is permitted over the application because of which a high level of assurance is achieved to the finished products. We provide commercial waste plastic process which is used in removing worn tyres thereby leaving 90% of remaining plastic from waste chain.

Plastic pyrolysis oil can be as a heating material re-used to below factory:

 a>cement factory
 b>glass making factory
 c>brick factory
 d>steel factory


Plastic pyrolysis oil

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