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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2015/1/6

The main focus on pyrolysis machine technology:


Pyrolysis machine

1,the basic requirements of pyrolysis machine processing
Pyrolysis machine processing  is the leading equipment for process service. With the advent of improved technology and new technology ,pyrolysis machine proposed new and higher requirements , promote the development of the device, while the rational design , excellent performance of the device but also for the realization of an advanced process to provide a guarantee . Different devices in different process used , equipment requirements are not the same , but there are several aspects nutshell requirements as below.
2, running safety and reliable.
The raw materials , products, and the use of catalysts , additives , most are flammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive substances, and the production process are generally at a certain pressure, temperature and even high temperature, high pressure. Once the device itself is only an accident destroyed, often also induce a series of accidents , causing heavy human casualties and economic losses , so the production of security is particularly important.
Ensure safe and reliable operation of the pyrolysis machine itself, in addition to the requirements , the need to start from the terms of use and daily operations . Operational and management personnel with relevant knowledge and skills with qualified , strict implementation of the rules, strengthening routine maintenance , according to the relevant provisions of the device body and safety accessories , regular inspection and maintenance , to discover and eliminate insecurity.
3,simple structure, easy operation and maintenance
Input costs account for a large proportion of pyrolysis machine in the pyrolysis processing , to meet the technological requirements and safe operation of the premise , the structure of the device should be simple, as far as possible the use of the standard model and the common parts , in order to reduce the manufacturing cost of the device. It also requires pyrolysis machine with good operating performance, high degree of automation and easy operation and maintenance .

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