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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2015/1/5

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Distillation machine

With a uncertain price of crude oil and high cost of fuel, many new technologies are emerging that provide consumers alternatives to simply pulling up to the nearest gas pump and filling up. As an added benefit, these new fuel alternatives are cleaner burning and less harmful to the environment than regular gasoline and diesel. Converting used regular motor oil to diesel, which can be used in any diesel burning vehicle or generator, is becoming more popular, not only for its relative simplicity but also due to the abundance and minimal cost of obtaining used oils. Most small garages keep discarded oil in huge containers that they pay to have removed. This helps keep the overall cost of the ready-to-use fuel.

  1. Gather waste engine oil and place it into an approved container. Many auto mechanics are willing to give away old customer oil stored in the shop that is headed for the recycling plant.

  2. Transfer the waste engine oil into an industrial vat and heat it up to 140 degrees. This will decrease the viscosity of the oil and allow for proper filtering.

  3. Strain the oil using a fuel filter to remove any particles or impurities and transfer the clean oil to a new container.

  4. Add additives into filtered oil. This will cause the glycerin contained within the oil to separate, forming a distinct layer.

  5. Remove the excess glycerin and allow the diesel fuel to cool until reaching room temperature before handling.

  6. Test your new fuel. Pour a quart of the finished product into a clear container and add a similar amount of water. Check to make sure a distinct boundary layer appears, separating the fuel and water.

Finished Diesel oil after refining by distillation machine can used directly to tractors, trucks, power generator, ships etc.


Diesel can be used to diesel engine

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