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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2014/12/12

Diesel fuel is known most commonly as the fuel for trucks, boats, buses, trains, machinery and other vehicles. Diesel,is made from crude oil. However, diesel and other fuels made from crude oil are different in several ways.So,what is diesel fuel in details?

Diesel is a fossil fuel, meaning it is distilled from crude oil, or petroleum. Petroleum is mined from deep within the earth and, according to a 2005 article in Organic Chemistry written by Keith A. Kvenvolden, is composed of ancient biomass (the organic remains of plants and animals) that has been subjected to high heat and pressure. Diesel is created through a process called "fractional distillation," which separates certain parts of the crude oil.

Diesel Fuel Applications:

Tyre oil after refined by distillation machine,the final product is diesel fuel, in this way, the diesel fuel can be used for tractors,trucks, diesel oil generators etc.


Diesel fuel application

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