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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2014/12/12

Pyrolysis oil in the pyrolysis industry is mainly referred to tyre oil, plastic oil. The pyrolysis oil is an energy mainly used as fuel heating the boiler; the pyrolysis oil is also called fuel oil.The pyrolysis oil is mainly extracted from the waste tyre or waste plastic.

According to test in the library and practical: the pyrolysis oil yield rate from different material is dfferent,the pyrolysis oil is mainly generated by the waste tyre pyrolysis plant,it is mainly a heating fuel.Nowadays the pyrolysis oil technology in domestic is developing, when the raw material in the reactor of the waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant is will be heated to temperature then the waste tyre/plastic will vaporize. The oil gas will be condensed into pyrolysis oil.

what is pyrolysis oil

Pyrolysis oil from waste tyre

The process of generating pyrolysis oil is safe for the plant mainly processed in high temperature and normal pressure.When burning the pyrolysis oil it will not generate much pollution to the environment and the process of generating waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil is environmental friendly.

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