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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2014/11/5

What is oil yield rate of waste engine oil distillation plant

The waste oil distillation plant is to convert the waste oil such as waste motor oil, waste engine oil, plastic oil, tyre oil to high quality diesel. The diesel can reach EU standard. We Xinxiang doing renewable energy equipment are supplier and manufacturer of waste oil distillation plant. We increased the oil yield rate about 5% which can reach 95%.The oil recovery of the waste oil distillation plant is high than other companies. We have the latest technology about waste oil distillation plant.

The oil yield rate of the waste oil distillation plant is about as follow:


Oil yield rate

Fuel oil


Signal gas


The raw material of the waste oil distillation plant can be waste engine oil, tyre crude oil,plalstic crude oil,black oil and so on.

Oil yield of different materials:


Oil yield

Waste engine oil


Waste plastic oil


Waste tire oil


Waste oil distillation plant Profit analysis:

Raw material cost: _usd/ton*5ton=_usd

Fuel material cost: _usd/kg*_kg=_usd

The fuel can be coal, natural gas, wood, Fuel oil and so on)

The power consumption: Average 10kw/h*usd/kw.h*hours/running time

Workers' salary: _dollars/day*4persons=_dollars

We can calculate the profit according to the price.

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