Tyre to oil pyrolysis plant project introduction in detail

pyrolysis plant project video | DATE:2014/10/7

Waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant project is a profitable project,the final product of the waste oil pyrolysis plant is fuel oil,carbon black,steel wire.

Cost of the project is very low,the project is environmental friendly,During the process there will be waste water,waste gas,solid waste generated.

Green waste tyre recycling project.

the oil yield rate of different kinds waste tyres:

Oil yield rate of different waste tyres:

Steel wire tyre


Nylon tyre


Bicycle tyre



Market analysis of tyre to oil plant:

Take the 10T capacity waste steel tyre pyrolysis plant for example. We will analysis the profit of 10T capacity waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

The cost of 10T capacity pyrolysis plant

Oil output

A     B=10T*45%=4.5T

Fuel (coal)

B     0.8T*price/ton


C     15kw·h*20h

Workers’ salary

D     4*price/person

Crude oil

E     10T*50%*price/ton

Carbon black

F     10T*35%*price/ton

Tires wire

G     10T*15%*price/Ton

Then we can calculate the yearly profit

Profit=E+F+G-(B+C+D).By the research of the price of the raw material and the fuel oil price in the market you can calculate the profit you make.

The pyrolysis plant project is very profitable,environmental friendly,

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