An Australian customers purchased a set of tyres packing machine from DOING company

Company news / DATE:2022/8/18

Congratulations! On August 10, 2022, a customer from Sydney ordered a set of waste tires packing and unpacking machine from DOING company!


Waste tires packing and unpacking machine

At first, he wanted to buy it locally in Australia, which was more convenient. After our account manager patiently briefed the Australian client on our sales and feedback in other countries, the client decided to consider it. After two days of consideration, customers feel that the quality and price of our equipment are very good, mainly because our sales require the company to have rich export experience and strong strength, so I finally decided to cooperate with DOING and successfully purchased a tire company production line machine. 

Our company's doubling packing machine is mainly used for the packaging of waste tires. 3 to 4 tires can be loaded at a time, which can effectively help customers save tire stacking space. If interested, please contact us and get a free quota.

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