12TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant was delivered to Ghana from Doing factory

Company news / DATE:2021/12/21

On August 12, 2021, a set of 12TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant was successfully loaded and delivered to Ghana from Doing’s factory.

The Ghanaian customer owns a multinational trading company with strong strengths. He collected lot of waste tires locally and wanted to process them into pyrolysis oil for considerable profits. The customer checked a lot of information about waste tire pyrolysis plant manufacturers on the Internet, and found out that Doing company has more than ten years of manufacturing experience and many successful project installation cases in 90+ countries and regions around the world.

The customer was very satisfied with Doing’s great strength and sent an inquiry to our company. He communicated with our project manager and learned about the production process, environmental qualifications and other details of Doing’s waste tire pyrolysis plant. This Ghanaian customer found that these details meet his requirements and it’s beneficial to transact the procedures required for waste tire pyrolysis factory. Therefore, he directly ordered a set of 12TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant.

pyrolysis plant.jpg

A set of 12TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant delivered to Ghana

After about 40 days, Doing’s factory finished the manufacturing work of this set of 12TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant. Our quality inspectors carefully checked its various functions and loaded it on schedule! If you are also interested in our waste tire pyrolysis plant and want to learn more details, welcome to contact Doing!

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