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Company news / DATE:2015/1/13

For hundreds of years since the booming of industrial revolution, pollution kept growing faster and faster, until today it is threatening people’s life from every aspect. Dear readers must remember the horrible event of the Big Smoke in London on December 5th 1952, when the poisonous smog heavily covered the whole city and killed 4000 people only in 4 days. The direct killer was sulfur dioxide and dust burned from coal, and the indirect reason was the accumulation of atmospheric pollutants caused by inversion layer.

 plastic to oil

Save Our Souls

Pollution is like a sniper, he is ambushing in somewhere without big motion, yet when time comes, harms people fatally. Although it happened in last century, various pollution lurks in human’s life, which definitely cannot be ignored. Actually it is becoming a key concern of many governments and environmentalists all over the world. In order to avoid the disaster as in London or minimart disease in Japan, leadership in many countries is searching optimum methods to protect the environment while developing economy rapidly. From landfill, burning to sorting treatment, governors have been hunting for a way to deal with the daily garbage as well as make full use of them, however, all the previous solutions cannot really solve it.


Plastic to oil

Henan DOING Mechanical Equipment Co. Ltd noticed this situation and is devoted herself to transforming household garbage like Plastic to oil. After conquering hundreds of difficulties and failures during last 20 years, finally DOING Think Tank worked out a way to recycle domestic waste such as scrap plastic in a renewable method. DOING technology is capable of turning those waste substances into valuable fuel oil and other useful and salable by products with wide markets. When this creation was published, it drew large attention of governmental projectors, environmentalists, and investors from many countries out of China.

 plastic to oil plant

Plastic to oil plant

Turning daily garbage into green wealth with least pollution is no longer a legend, DOING Plastic to oil pyrolysis plant, Waste Engine/Motor Oil to Diesel Oil has made it come true. The machines are qualified with SGS, BV, CE and ISO, when you come to our site you will definitely not be disappointed, the real machines surprise you more.

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