Dust removal equipment in waste tire pyrolysis plant

tyres pyrolysis plant news / DATE:2013/10/28


Applicable scope: the dust emissions from burning of coal, gas, straw and oil

Working theory: extrusion water into high-pressure nozzle through high-pressure pumps, then getting water into spray, absorbing dust and sulfur dioxide

Device constitute: stainless steel spraying gas flue, high-pressure cleaner, (stainless steel, copper alloy, ceramic), water-film separator, gas flue, induced draft fan, dedusting pool, chimney, water resistant dedusting tank

Temperature scope: controlled by air door of induced draft fan, the temperature is not more than 200 degree in furnace while slagging

Environment protection: as water in dust catcher is recyclable

Device maintaining: adding alkali to neutralize, because the water will change into acidity which has a corrosive effect on device, after absorbing sulfur dioxide at high temperature

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