Automatic rotary waste tire pyrolysis equipment

tyres pyrolysis plant news / DATE:2013/10/26


The company has been committed to the research waste tires pyrolysis technology and equipment, and successful study of waste tire pressure pyrolysis technology, equipment,

Waste tire pyrolysis equipment not only can solve the problem of pollution of waste tires and the production process, and further implementation of renewable energy, has the good market popularizing prospect. At present, with the development of automobile industry, more and more waste tire to form a "black pollution", has caused great impact to the environment and people''s lives. Since 2002, China has become the world for 5 consecutive years the first big rubber consumption. At present, there are about 1550000000 tires scrapped each year around the world, including recycling accounted for only 15%-20%, other mostly simple ground stacking or landfill, long-term stacking waste tires not only takes up a lot of land, but also easy to breed mosquitoes, easy to cause fire. Polymer elastic material waste tires are not naturally dissolved, with high elasticity and toughness, even buried 100 years, waste tires is not the natural degradation, so how to make use of waste tires into our concern.

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