How much are the Doing’s Tire Pyrolysis Plants?

tyres pyrolysis plant news / DATE:2012/7/13

Do you want to invest a tire pyrolysis plant? Do you know what’s the price of a set of tire pyrolysis equipment? According to the different classes, a different size, the tire pyrolysis plant is different. But overall, the span of invest a tire pyrolysis plant is not so big.

The price of Doing tyre pyrolysis plant, according to different categories, is different, but the span is not so big.
The DY-1-6 of Doing waste tyre pyrolysis plant :FOB USD 35000.00~70000.00 / Set
The DY-1-8 of Doing waste tyre pyrolysis plant :FOB USD 36000.00~70000.00 / Set
The DY-1-10 of Doing waste tire recycling machine : FOB USD 40000~70000 / Set
Our company will send one technician for each set of machine for guiding your installation, testing the machine and training your workers about provided by our company.

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