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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2021/5/22

Pyrolysis plant can convert waste tyre to get fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. Besides fuel oil, carbon black also has great market value. Carbon black from tyre pyrolysis is about 40 mesh. If you want to know what the uses of carbon black are, please keep reading.

carbon black from pyrolysis plant

Converting waste tyre to carbon black by pyrolysis plant

On the one hand, carbon black can be sold directly to carbon black deep processing plants for further uses or to cement plants as raw materials or additives for making cement. Like our Egyptian customers, Indian customers, and Saudi customers, they sell carbon black directly to cement plants to make money. But if you sell the carbon black directly, the price will be low.

So, on the other hand, carbon black can be sold after further processing to increas its price. There are two methods for further processing of carbon black on the market:

1. The carbon black pellet machine can press carbon black into small pellets. The calorific value of carbon black exceeds 6,000 kcal. It can replace coal as a heating fuel, sold to some coal-fueled factories, or directly used in pyrolysis plants to save operating costs.

2. The carbon black grinding machine can grind carbon black into 325 mesh or 800 mesh carbon black, to get N550, N660, N774 and other semi-reinforeed carbon black, which could be used for making many a variety of rubber products, processed into color masterbatches, sold to the plastics industry, or used for coatings and other purposes.

further processing of carbon black from tyre pyrolysis

Further processing of carbon black

After processing, the carbon black from tyre pyrolysis could be sold as 500 USD per ton, which could bring much higher profit to the customers. Many Indian customers are now willing to buy carbon black grinding machine to further process carbon black, which has solved their carbon black market problems. If you want to know more about the uses of carbon black from tyre pyrolysis and the technical information of carbon black further processing machines, please contact us directly.

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