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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2020/8/10

DOING group company have manufactured the waste tyre pyrolysis machine for over 10 years. Four years ago, we began to develop and produce continuous tyre pyrolysis equipment which has become the future development trend. It does not mean that batch pyrolysis equipment will be eliminated immediately, but will gradually be replaced by continuous tyre pyrolysis machine, in developed countries such as Europe and the United States where labor costs are relatively high, continuous pyrolysis equipment is more popular currently.

continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

Continous tyre pyrolysis machine onsite

Continuous tyre pyrolysis machine is more intelligent with higher degree of automation, requires less labor which is suitable for relatively large-scale project. It is controlled by a PLC system which only need one engineer to operate it. Of course, the price of the fully continuous equipment will also be relatively higher than the batch type.

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Wate tire shreding part

At present, the minimum processing capacity of DOING continuous tyre pyrolysis machine is 30 tons, its price is about 400,000 US dollars. At the same time, the continuous tyre pyrolysis machine has a relatively high requirement of raw material due to the realization of a fully continuous feeding method, whether tyres or plastics, they are needed to be shredded to small pieces. That also is one reason why the price of continuous tyre pyrolysis machine is high.

Therefore, at present, continuous tyre pyrolysis machine is not the first choice for customers in developing countries because of the relative high price of continuous tyre pyrolysis machine and the large daily processing capacity. A project of continuous tyre pyrolysis machine will cost millions of dollars.

But the high price also means high efficiency and higher requirements. The continuous tyre pyrolysis machine can run 30 days without a stop, and also guarantee the safety. With automatic feeding and automatic slag discharge, as long as you have enough raw materials, the continuous tyre pyrolysis machine will be one good choice of you. If you have needs or have any problems, welcome to call us, Doing product manager will give you a professional answer.

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