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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2018/8/9

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Batch and continuous pyrolysis plant

Continuous pyrolysis plant is used as a wide variety of pyrolysis plant types. Continuous pyrolysis plant has a larger single-machine capacity compared to batch or semi-continuouspyrolysis plant, and it has lower work intensity and continuous continuity in continuous pyrolysis plant.  In addition, in the continuous pyrolysis plant, its equipment and various components are relatively complicated in design, and the equipment matching and automatic control ability are required, so that the continuous pyrolysis plant has high efficiency and the stability is better.


DOING continuous pyrolysis plant

In continuous pyrolysis plant, its structural properties determine that it is only suitable for large and medium-sized refineries or in the workshop. Moreover, compared with batch pyrolysis plant, the investment in continuous pyrolysis plant is relatively high, and it belongs to the large and medium-sized continuous pyrolysis plant type.

Continuous pyrolysis plant can convert used tires into fuel by continuous waste tire pyrolysis technology .This invention and application can handle plastic tires to fuel. More and more countries are using this technology to convert used tires, used plastics, used rubber to fuel, and carbon black. Every ten tons of used tires or plastics can get 5 tons of fuel and 4.5 tons of diesel, 3 tons of carbon black. Non-polluting continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant can not only solve the problem of used tires, but also bring great benefits. The entire pyrolysis process is environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

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DOING 3D continuous pyrolysis plant

Raw materials and oil yields that can be processed by continuous pyrolysis plant:

Waste tires, oil yield: 45% -52%;
Waste plastics, oil yield: 20%-95%;
Waste rubber, oil yield: 40% -60%.

Continuous pyrolysis plant features:


Doing continuous pyrolysis plant features 

a> Small size
The continuous pyrolysis plant is small, the floor space is small, and the processing capacity is large.

b> Long service life
The continuous pyrolysis plant has a special anti-corrosion structure and has a service life of about 8-10 years.

c> High security
The continuous pyrolysis plant is fully automatic, atmospheric and environmentally friendly, with automatic anti-tempering device, which greatly improves the safety performance of the equipment. The specific functions of the anti-tempering device are: gas physical and chemical indicators treatment, gas filtration, anti-tempering .

d> Low raw material requirements
No cleaning, no classification.

e>Continuous feeding, slag, oil
It can continuously feed at high temperature, continuously discharge slag, continuously discharge oil, and does not return oil fumes. The feeder has special gas sealing device, which is suitable for industrial large-scale continuous operation.

f>Save energy
The gas treated by the gas treatment device can supply heat to the device itself, and the external energy source is needed for the first 45 minutes, and the heat generated by the device itself can be supplied later, which greatly saves the external energy.

g>High quality oil
The product oil can be discharged in one time, and the fractionation tower has a special structure. During the reaction, no catalyst can be added, and different oils can be fractionated at the same time. The oil is clear and transparent and does not return color. The oil meets Euro IV standards and can be used directly in cars and ships.

h>Environmental protection
Continuous pyrolysis plant is environmentally friendly in the production process, smokeless and tasteless, no secondary pollution, no three wastes: waste water, waste gas, waste residue. Continuous pyrolytsis plant operates without any other noise.


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